Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you "Model Moms"

I had a very hectic shoot last year; of the eight official models, I had one minor ("under-age").  Fret.
The model and her mother were the first to arrive at the studio, so there was at least a cursory opportunity for casual conversation, but there really wasn’t any “demands” by myself or the mom.  I realize how important it is for parents to act responsibly for their kids, even for the 17-year old kids that are about to fledge.
This was the first time we had met… so there was no history of trust between us.
This “model mom” couldn’t have been better.   There was absoultely no interferance; no suggestions, nothing.  I can’t remember a single comment.
But she was there.  Every time.  Every frame.  Each time her daughter stepped on-set, there she was.   Just like a responsible parent should be.  I assume when the 17-year old model was doing a costume change, that mom was there too… I don’t know; I was locked down on the set the whole session (8 official models, and a few “drive-bys”….)
So THANK YOU model-moms, for being interested and protective of your kids, while being respectful of my craft.  I know it’s a delicate balance… The same goes for those friends who ‘escort’ models to new gigs.  Photographers who don’t allow escorts should be viewed with some suspicion.  Of COURSE there are exceptions and circumstances where a set visitor is not desire able.  I recently advised a model that if her new photographer wouldn’t allow an escort, then she should ask him to email a photo of his driver’s license.
But for minors, that in-studio parent is good all-around for both sides.
Your thoughts?

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